About Us

a few words about us

image_1At Beacon Global Wealth Management we are Wealth Management specialists and how to plan investments, savings, pensions, life assurance and all personal financial planning matters to help me your personal and financial visions.

We all have different aims, goals and requirements whatever our situation and wherever in the world we live.

You can look at all of the facts, figures, graphs and statistics you like but the most important thing is that your plan works for you and your long term aims and goals.

At Beacon Global Wealth we aim to help you through the maze of financial products and plans and work with you to find solutions that are clear, transparent and tailored to meet your individual needs.

We will provide you flexible financial solutions with the aim of meeting ever changing needs in an ever developing market place and to meet your visions.

Beacon working in France

Who are we?

Beacon GWM have been providing independent financial advice to ex pats living in France for a number of years. We have consultants who have been trained and qualified in the UK and understand both the UK and French fiscal systems. We can provide support and expert financial advice and understand your needs and concerns in living within the tax system in France.

How we can help

Our consultants will take time getting to know you and your financial situation and to understand what your concerns and priorities are. We take as much time as you need and with no pressure. We aim to be different to other companies as we care about you and your money. Our situations are tailored to your situation.

We make no charge up front for our initial report that we provide as we believe you will be happy with the ultimate advice you will receive. We aim to build up a long term relationship between you and your adviser so that you can be confident going forward that you have made the right choices. We speak English, we advise in English and the most of the paperwork you will receive will be in English.

We cover the following areas:

  • Taxation – we will help you find ways to minimise your taxes.
  • Investments – we can review your existing investments and recommend new ones in a variety of currencies that are in harmony with both the UK and French tax systems.
  • Pensions – we ensure that your current and future arrangements work for you in France.
We have a number of key professional partners who can help you in other areas so please see our website for further information. We also have fact sheets explaining the different taxes you will encounter and how to access the health system in France.

Dealing With Professionals

Whilst we can do lots of things for clients and sort their planning and help meet their financial aims and goals and help them achieve their Financial Vision sometimes other specialists can be very important.

For our clients we have formal agreements and relationships with companies that provide services among the following areas

  • Insurance brokers – a leading company providing insurance services for expatriates
  • Health insurance providers – this is crucial in your French planning
  • UK Financial Services IFA and Wealth Manager
  • A major Foreign Exchange group
  • Tax advisers and Accountants
  • Legal services and Will provision
  • Estate agencies and property services
  • Other International Advisers

We can facilitate introductions to the above groups to assist in your planning as appropriate